All change please

So the past month or so has gone past in a flash of freelance keyframes, fx layers and render bars.

New studios. New commutes. New faces to put names to.

The freelance routine certainly keeps me busy. However, if like myself, you are of a nervous disposition, it can all prove to be a bit overwhelming. But it hasn’t all been in vain – getting to meet plenty of new artists, designers and producers to inspire along the way – I’ve even made a few new friends. Some of which have offered valuable advice and helped to instil some much needed self confidence.

Creative Momentum

One of the biggest positives I have drawn from my new work routine so far, is the regained sense of self-belief and creative momentum it can provide. Regularly changing my surroundings; working alongside like-minded creatives, in a variety of different specialisms, I’ve been surprised with how well I have adapted in such a short space of time. Bar the odd creative cul-de-sac along the way.

It has been said, if you want to get something done, give it to someone busy. I have indeed been busy and we have definitely delivered some great work along the way.

Stay Fresh

Now comes the tricky part of reminding myself how to switch off. Do some much needed admin, find new inspirations, gather fresh ideas and regroup during the quieter times.